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Doxy, the feminine companion of a tramp or beggar. In the West of England, the Gals regularly contact their minimal women DOXIES, in a familiar or endearing feeling. Orthodoxy has become described as getting a person’s individual DOXY, and heterodoxy A further guy’s DOXY.—Ancient Cant.

The one other observe of your hieroglyphs of vagabonds worthy of remarking is in Mayhew’s London Labour along with the London Poor.[26] Mayhew acquired his information from two tramps, who stated that hawkers use these indicators as well as beggars. A person tramp thus explained the tactic of “Doing the job”[27] a small town. “Two hawkers (‘buddies’[27]) go together, but individual once they enter a village, one using 1 side of the street, and promoting various things, and so as to inform one another as on the character with the people at whose houses they phone, they chalk specific marks on their own door-posts.

Force the voucher, a term in use amid sporting tricksters, who publicize to send sure winners, and on receipt of letters enclose vouchers much like These sent out by respectable Fee agents, but with double or treble the current odds marked thereon, in reference to the horse named. A plausible letter is distributed Together with the voucher, as well as the target is informed that on account of early investments made by the firm, which has of course a high-sounding title, the additional odds is often laid by them, and also a remittance to the amount named, or Element of it, is asked for. Obviously the organization “dries up” when promises develop into hefty, and, by using a new name and new handle, seems in the next 7 days’s promoting columns.

The antiquity of many of those Slang names is impressive. “Winn” was the vulgar expression for any penny in the days of Queen Elizabeth; and “tester,” a sixpence (formerly a shilling), was the proper name in the times of Henry VIII. The reader, way too, can have remarked the frequency of animals’ names as Slang conditions for income. Tiny, as a modern author has remarked, do the people utilizing these phrases know in their remote and somewhat classical origin, which can, in truth, be traced into a period of time anterior to that when monarchs monopolized the surface area of coined income with their own visuals and superscriptions. They are identical With all the very name of money Among the many early Romans, which was pecunia, from pecus, a flock. The collections of coin-dealers amply present which the figure of a “hog” was anciently put on a small silver coin; Which that of the “bull” decorated larger types of the exact same metallic. These cash have been commonly deeply crossed around the reverse; this was with the[65] benefit of quickly breaking them into two or more parts, should really the bargain for which they ended up utilized need it, plus the events which makes it had no scaled-down alter useful to finish the transaction. So we learn that the “half bull” from the itinerant Road-vendor, or “traveller,” to this point from staying a phrase of contemporary creation, as is generally intended, is in position of simple fact referable to an era very remote.

Cogged, loaded like Wrong dice. Anybody who is hocussed or cheated is typically explained to have been COGGED.

Barber’s Clerk, an overdressed shopboy who apes the manners of, and attempts to move himself off as, a gentleman; a expression of reproach used to not an artisan but to a kind of who, being underneath, think airs of superiority around, handicraftsmen.

But Probably we cannot do a lot better than current to the reader[15] at the same time a whole copy of the 1st Canting Dictionary at any time compiled. As before described, it was the work of 1 Thomas Harman, who lived in the days of Queen Elizabeth. Some writers have remarked that Decker[17] was the initial to compile a dictionary of your vagabonds’ tongue; while Borrow[eighteen] and Moore mentioned that Richard Head performed that support in his Life of an English Rogue, published from the year 1680.

Blackwork, undertaking. The waiters satisfied at public dinners will often be used throughout the day as mutes, and so on. Omnibus and cab motorists regard BLACKWORK to be a dernier ressort.

Executing time, working out a sentence in jail. “He’s carried out time,” is a slang phrase used in reference to a person who is understood to happen to be in gaol.

Club, in manœuvring troops, so to blunder in providing the term of command that the soldiers enter into a place from which they can't extricate them selves by regular tactical usually means. Younger officers regularly “CLUB” their Adult males, and have As a result “wigged” because of the inspecting normal.

Block Ornaments, the compact dim-coloured and at times stinking items of meat which was once exposed on A budget butchers’ blocks or counters; matters of desire to many of the sharp-visaged Gals in very poor[87] neighbourhoods.

Daylights, eyes; “to darken his DAYLIGHTS,” to give anyone black eyes. Also the Areas still left in glasses between the liquor plus the brim,—not permitted when bumpers are drunk. The toast-learn in these cases cries “no DAYLIGHTS or heeltaps!”

It seems to are the apply visit in former times to permit certain inmates of Bethlehem Hospital to have fastened times “to go begging:” as a result impostors have been explained to “SHAM ABRAHAM” (the Abraham Ward in Bedlam owning for its inmates these mendicant lunatics) after they pretended they have been licensed beggars in behalf of the clinic.

Contango, between stockbrokers and jobbers, is a certain sum paid out for accommodating a buyer or vendor, by carrying the engagement to pay funds or produce shares in excess of to the following account day.

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